Why I Hid My Relationship Until He Proposed Publicly – Yvonne Jegede

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Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede in a recent chat with Inside Nollywood revealed why she kept her relationship a secret until her man, Olakunle Fawole (Bukky Ajayi’s son) proposed to her publicly. She also revealed why celebrity marriages break-up and what marriage means to her.

“If you go into marriage with a mindset of for better for worse, then you prepare your mind to make it work. It’s not like buying a house you can resell or a dress you can change if it doesn’t suit you anymore; it’s far from that. When you’re married, you should be ready to share your body, soul and all with your partner.

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“I don’t think lack of humility is the cause of celebrity marriage crisis, I think it’s because they married for the wrong reasons. However, there are many things that cause major breakups in marriages.”

The talented actress also shared on what this new life mean for her:

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“I have lived alone for almost all my life, now I have someone and we live together. Now, I’m in a relationship. I have to be a wife and I don’t have to talk to the four walls of the room anymore. I have someone to share my life with, so I have more activities around me. It now makes a lot of difference.

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“My love affair was such a secret, because I don’t like talking about my relationship. I love my privacy. We are already a public figure, so we need to be more careful with our private lives and relationship. It was after he proposed that I started putting up our pictures on social media.”

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