When You Are Single In An African Home, These Are The Things That Happen

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You can’t be living under their roof when you are supposssed to be in your husband’s house and still be Phoolish. 

1. You can’t be making unnecessary jokes about someone’s husband and your goes atleast she has one where is your own 

2. You mistakenly put too much water in the Indomie. How will you now find husband like this? 

3. When you are in church and there is a prayer point about marriage and you mum starts looking for you to remind you that your Anen should be the loudest 

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4. When you tell your mum you want to buy 45 thousand Aso Ebi and she goes “When will they buy your own Aso Ebi?” 

5. When Africa Magic decides to show The Wedding Party and your mum literally starts praying for you and casting demons 

6. When your married friend visits and your mum decides to tell her you have a problem and she should fix you 

7. When she hears a guy’s name from you and automatically calls him your husband not knowing he is the Aboki that sells fried rice ingredients for you 

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