What Shea Butter does to the Skin

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Women and even some men try as much as possible to maintain their skin color as its part of their beauty, they spend so much on body lotions to make them their skin glow, forgetting there is a natural based cream that can help you maintain your skin texture and still make you glow at the same time.


Shea butter popularly known as ORI in the western part of Nigeria is a highly nutrious mineral for the help to main your skin colour and texture. Shea butter can be used by anybody both old and young.

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It also helps to maintain the human hair and keep it from tackling, it works for natural hair too making it soft and easy to comb. Shea butter also help to reduce and less pains when someone has dislocation when applied.

Some people don’t like it because of the smell. There are, however, ways to use your shea butter without perceiving the smell;  you can melt it into liquid form and add it to your body lotion or your hair cream with that, the smell is not that strong.

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What it’s used for;


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