We are a Generation That Throws Party to Celebrate Nothing! Author, Onyeka Nwelue Challenges the Nigerian Youth

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Much has been been said about this generation and how Nigeria has failed us but not many are talking about how we are failing ourselves in this generation. We are bursting with dreams but we seem to settle for less. We have great visions but we are ready to cut corners, sacrificing our integrity for a life of comfort.

This is made worse by the examples we see in our leaders, ‘chop and I chop’ syndrome and building mansions in other nations with stolen money.

Author, columnist, researcher and visiting lecturer at Hong Kong University, Onyeka Nwelue gave a vivid description of this generation in his latest post on Facebook. See it below:

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“I belong. I belong to a Generation of Great Ideas. A Generation that talks away its ideas. They never execute. A Generation very reluctant in pursuing their dreams. They find easy paths to everything. I’m not excluded. A Generation that celebrates when they buy cars and rent houses. They throw parties – to celebrate nothing.

I have been dragged to clubs in Abuja on Fridays by my friends. I genuinely asked them what I would, should and could be doing in the clubs. What are we celebrating? I asked my friends. They said, Nothing. Just to have fun. I said, Fun for what? What did I win? They don’t know. I went to one club in Abuja, sat at a corner and imagined so many things. What was I doing? How did I get there? For friendship. I keep all sorts of friends. I need them. They brighten up my world.

But here is the thing: I never compromise my dreams and visions. Every man has a dream. Some have dreams to get married before me. Some have dreams to buy cars before me. Some have dreams to do that and do this. We all have our differences. Our dreams differ. Our problems differ, too.

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I will take this home: young people in Nigeria have misplaced priorities. We are comfortable with the rubbish being dished out to us. We will wallow in this misery for long, unless we wake up. But then, how do you wake up every morning with migraine, coming from generators and churches and mosques and remember to think for yourself?

Not possible.”

What is your take on his description?

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