Trouble in Paradise: AY’s Wife Mabel Makun Exposes Raunchy Chats Of Her Husband With Another Woman

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Comedian Ayo Makun popular known as AY’s wife Mabel Makun took to her Instagram page in the early hours of today where she sent out a stern warning to one Freda Francis telling her to stay away from her Hubby. 

A picture of AY and Freda surfaced online and the said photo was taken on Freda’s baby shower. Mabel who couldn’t stomach the situation went on a post and delete state as she shared whatsapp screenshots of chats between her husband and Freda. The chats contained raunchy convos and this leaves everyone wondering what is actually going on between AY and Freda. 

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Freda we have learnt is the boss of Medspa and friends of Mabel once upon a time. Here is the shots of the photos Mabel shared on Instagram. 

For a while now, news of their marriage has been on social media where reports have it that their marriage might be on the verge of hitting the rocks. Could it be that AY has been involved in one or more cheating scandal and Mabel had caught him or is there more to all these? We will keep you posted

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