Things You Should Never Do Because You Have Found Mr. or Mrs. Right

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1. Cutting Friendships: Just because you are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you have to cut all your friendships. In fact, you may need them more after marriage.

2. Sacrificing Dreams: Sacrifices may lead to resentment. If you don’t want to regret later, don’t sacrifice for a relationship unless you are really happy to do so.

3. Compromising Standards: If your partner asks you to cheat someone or become greedy, you don’t need to lower your standards.

4. Leaving Your Family: If your partner asks you to desert your family, think again. True love never asks you to cut all ties with parents.

5. Giving Away All Your Money: Think again if you are asked to shell out all your money to save a relationship. It may not be wise to sacrifice everything in the name of love.

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6. Trying To Change Yourself: You can change certain aspects of your personality but changing yourself totally is impractical. So, if your partner constantly forces you to change, think again.

7. Controlling: Controlling your partner or being controlled by your partner is unhealthy. This is one of the things you shouldn’t do in the name of love.

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