Things You Hate To Hear When You Are Heart Broken 

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Heart break is one of the many things that hurts like hell and in times like these, you want your friends to be there for you no matter what so you lean to them for so solace. 

However, some times your friends do not get it right with what they say. Today we are looking at the things your friends say that you hate to hear when dealing with a heart break: 

1. When your friend gist you about a romance movie that has a happily ever after 

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2. When your friend talk about how love is perfect and beautiful 

3. When they tell you you are better off without him like really that’s condescending. 

4. When you are told to cry excuse me I have been doing that all by myself already 

5. When they tell you to get back on the horse and you be like really nigga? 

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