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These Igbo Bridal Ornament Is A Must See For All

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Nigeria is such a vast country, full of different tribes, traditions and culture. One of the major tribes in Nigeria are the Igbo’s. Igbo Kwenu!! Kwenu!! The Igbo’s are a people that are full of life and rich in culture. Here are a few things you should know about the igbos.

One of the traditions they uphold to the highest is the wedding ceremony. Igbo’s are the people that make sure they hold their traditional marriage ceremony in their home town, they believe so strongly in their identity  and majority refuse to conform or subject themselves to the change that might mean loosing their originality.

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If you are an Igbo bride-to-be and you are fascinated by your culture but you are seeking bridal ornament inspiration then here’s some that you can look at;

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