These 10 Amazing Photos That Will Make You Love Yam Like Never Before

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When you package yam like the world revolves around it then you must agree with me that you are a legend. Yam is one of the best foods in Nigerian. As simple as it is to make, you can get different things from it. Starting from pounded yam to Doya (Fried Yam rolled in fried egg), yam and egg, fried yam and stew and more. Here are 10 amazing pictures of yam prepared in different forms for you to enjoy.

1. When Bae know your mumu button and decides to serve you like this

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Fried Yam

2. Roasted Yam like you have never seen before

Image: SouthPawGroup

3. When it comes in form of pounded yam

Image: Urban-Cuisine

4. Yamarita of life and destiny

Image: WhatsCookingWorldwide

5. When you just want to stare at a food rather than eat it

Yam and Sauce

6. When this boiled yam have international standard

Image: Dishes by Chef Jess/Instagram

7. I mean, who did this?

Fried Yam

8. When porridge is bae

Image: YouTube

9. Yam pancake toh quality


10. Crisp and fried yam

Images by: Instagram/foodace

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