The Struggle Everyone Goes Through To Get Movie Ticket For A Blockbuster Movie

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1. When you have been waiting in like for hours only for it to be your turn and they tell you it is sold out

Image: NairaLand

2. When you leave your queue to jump to another and the cashier on queue tells you her system is down and can’t print ticket

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hoakim noah

3. When you leave the long queue to complain to the cashier that she is taking time and she tells you to join “Sorry sir there is nothing I can do”

4. When you have been on the queue since forever then it gets you your turn and they tell you the POS is not working

5. When you ask the cashier how many tickets are left and they tell you 10. So as a mathematician you sharply calculated and you realize you are number 11

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Image: BoldAsLove

Which of these experiences has happened to you? Let us know.

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