The Chronicles Of A Lagos Teen Boy: Chapter One

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“What do you think you are doing?” Joyce asked, she was Yemi’s 23 year old neighbor, Yemi had been peeping through the peep-hole in their ‘Face Me, I Slap You’ house and was now thinking of how to explain himself, truth be told, he had been peeping at Joyce many times before now and when the coast was clear in the corridor, he would touch himself while Joyce was undressing. He cursed his luck as Joyce had yanked open the door on him as he was about dropping his trousers, seems she had been suspicious for a while.

He decided to play dump as if he didn’t know what she was talking about “Nothing, I was just passing”, suddenly, Joyce’s frown turned into a mischievous smile and there was a glint in her eyes he couldn’t explain, “Okay, you can go”, she replied and closed her door.

Yemi was dumbfounded, she had let him go so easily, but he didn’t let his mind dwell on that, his thought moved to more pleasing things like how her br*asts were so full and her dark nipples that sparked a sharp contrast against her yellow skin, Yemi himself was dark but he favored the fairer skin, her slender arms, her navel where she had a ring in it and the tattoo of a withering rose right above the heavenly triangle, he could feel himself grow hard,  he was about to go to their room and parlor to touch himself when he saw his mum coming, his erection died instantly.

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Yemi’s mum was carrying some bags so he went to help her,

“Mummy, welcome”,

“Thank you, my son, how was your day?”

“It was good mum and yours?”

“We thank God”

Yemi’s mum, Mrs. Felicia Ajibola is a plump woman and a fervent prayer warrior, she is a market woman who sells tomatoes at Dopemu market, behind her back, her neighbors called her “We thank God”, because that was her reply to everything she was asked, whether her family, her work or her health, to Mummy Yemi, it was always “We thank God”.

Not long after Yemi’s mum arrived, at about 6:30pm, Yemi’s friends, Segun and Richard came over, they had agreed to go to a club together that night but no Lagos boy told his mum he was going to a club when he was still eating her food so they had come up with an alibi.

“Good Evening, ma, we came to see Yemi, we were supposed to do an assignment at Richard’s house, and we will go to school from there in the morning”.

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Yemi’s mum didn’t buy the story one bit but she let them go because she trusted Richard’s family and that was why the boys had made Richard the one to tell the tale. Before Yemi’s mum could change her mind, Yemi had put his uniform and the club clothes in his bag and he and his friends ran off.

They got to the club and stashed their bags in the bush nearby, they got in because they knew the bouncer and no soon were they in that they started drinking and dancing, the boys had earlier gotten condoms from a kiosk in a neighborhood where they were sure no one knew them.

Now, Yemi had been dancing with a girl that he had set his eyes on the moment he stepped into the club, the girl was dark, tall with small br*asts but that was complimented by her huge derriere and that was the only thing that could make Yemi chase after a dark girl, he had done the wooing and the girl was now leading him to one of the rooms in the club.

When they got there, they started kissing, Yemi grabbed her as* and started whispering sweet nothings in her ear, the girl, Vanessa was not shy either, she pulled down the zipper from his jeans and started stroking him, before long, she had Yemi in her hands, literally and figuratively, Yemi groaned while she worked her magic, his hands searched and when for her panties and moved them to the side, and his fingers went to work on the core and he smiled to himself as he drew a moan from her, they both kept groaning and moaning until she came and Yemi came on her hands not long after, Vanessa then took his hands and licked the juice off them.

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Yemi was pulling his jeans off when Richard ran in screaming his name “Yemi, the police is here and they are pulling anyone below 18 into the Black Maria, Segun has already taken off”, at once, all the blood that had rushed down in Yemi’s body ran back up to his brain and his body kick-started and he moved on instinct, pulling his jeans up as he ran, not hearing Vanessa’s “Call me”, he and Richard jumped over the fence onto the side of the road, the two lookout policemen saw them and gave chase……..


Will Yemi and Richard escape the policemen or will they spend the night in a police cell?, find out tomorrow in Chapter Two.

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