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Style Tips On How To Wear A Corset Belt

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Corset belts are definitely a Look. They’re bold, they stand out, and they need to be worn with a healthy dose of confidence. If you’re going to go for it, just go for it! And if you need some inspiration, keep reading. Below are a bunch of tips on how to wear corset belts, with outfit ideas that are so cute, they might even change your mind about this trend (if you’re still unsure about it, that is). Why not take a chance this coming season, right?

1. Wear a corset belt over an oversized t-shirt (as a dress) with a pair of over the knee boots. It’s sexy and easy.


2. Or get slightly more dressed up and wear it over a tight dress. 

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3. A corset belt is a great way to break up a midi dress, especially when the belt is such a different color than the dress.

howtowearcorsetbelts24. Do something a little different and wear your belt over a denim or leather jacket.


5. Corset belts are A Look, but that doesn’t mean they can”t be paired with casual items. This one looks great over a simple tee with leggings and a soft cardigan.howtowearcorsetbelts6

6. If it’s too cold to keep your legs bare, wear your corset belt over an oversized shirt, but add tights.howtowearcorsetbelts7

7. One really popular look is to wear a corset belt over a button down shirt. I like how this girl pulled the shirt down to make it off the shoulder as well.howtowearcorsetbelts98. If an oversized tee and over-the-knee boots feels too much to you, pair the combo with ankle boots or sock boots instead. This is a great spring look, especially with the bomber.

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howtowearcorsetbelts169. Keep things simple by adding your corset belt to a graphic tee and jeans outfit. It changes up the whole look. 


10. Opt for a studded corset belt instead of something more plain to have some fun with the look.howtowearcorsetbelts20

11. Corset belts look professional and chic when worn over a button down with heels and a nice jacket.


12. Going out? Add a corset belt to your favorite dress to make your outfit stand out.howtowearcorsetbelts8

13. Cinch your belt over a blazer for something cool and different.howtowearcorsetbelts10

14. A corset belt is the perfect accessory with a simple shirt dress and ankle boots.

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15. A corset belt pulls together baggier items, like this oversized shirt and flare pants.howtowearcorsetbelts1316. Try a white corset against all black – or one shade against any other monochrome look.


17. Pick a corset belt with straps – it’s more like an actual corset, but it looks so cool with a dress or top.howtowearcorsetbelts15

18. Pair your corset belt over a patterned top instead of a plain one.howtowearcorsetbelts18

19. Wear it over something unexpected, like a casual plaid shirt.howtowearcorsetbelts19

20. Go monochrome with a black corset over an all black ensemble.howtowearcorsetbelts17

Which one of these outfits is your favorite? How would you wear a corset belt? Let us know in the comments.

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