Seun Egbegbe, Toyin Aimakhu, the Stolen iPhone 6 & 7 and Nollywood – BA VERDICT

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If you haven’t heard the news that filtered in yesterday from Ikeja about a certain Seun Egbegbe who casually walked into a store and asked the attendant for iPhone 6 and 7, collected them and said ‘he would be back’. He crossed to the other side and entered into a cab. Few seconds after the sales girl came to her senses and charged after him before he was apprehended.
I must say that this is 21st century ‘call-to-action’. If you don’t know what call to action means, cast your mind back to old nollywood movies where the wife who wants her husband to do her bidding would lick the head of a certain charm before going out to ask anything of the husband. Surprisingly, the husband would grant all her bidding even at the detriment to his own life and dignity.
This is what I believe Seun Egbegbe was trying to act out on the sales girl. The challenge is that this was not a Nollywood movie set. On set, you get away with everything but in real life, there are grave consequences.
He was beaten black and purple. They didn’t even respect that he was the former boyfriend of our dear Toyin Aimakhu. This brings me to the question, what was Toyin looking for when she dated that guy? Before now, many had said it was because of money but if the computer village’s report are to be considered, we could say Toyin was the one buying him recharge card.
Toyin was devastated after her break-up with Adeniyi Johnson but even if she needed comfort, I could have suggested names to consider instead of ‘buroda’ Seun Egbegbe. When you work with dogs, you will eat faeces. It’s a law of life.
Toyin didn’t go to computer village. She wasn’t accused of theft and she was probably not anywhere near Ikeja at the time of the incident but it became impossible for ‘us’ to mention Seun Egbegbe’s offence without calling her name. This is the typical meaning of the phrase ‘when you walk with dogs, you will feed on feaces’.
I can imagine that Adeniyi Johnson, Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-husband would be getting cracked up by this story. It’s his time to laugh but who knows tomorrow?
Now, who made the call-to-action for Seun Egbegbe? Even if he intends to test run such a daring charm, shouldn’t he have sent one of his boys to front for him?
If this is true, it’s a sad day for Nollywood. All the flashy lifestyle and the supposed wealth is a lie. Why should a movie producer and the CEO of a major movie production company be incapable of buying an iPhone?
Popular actory, Taiwo Hassan ‘Ogogo’ in an August 24 interview revealed that he would be going into farming because what he’s being paid is not anywhere enough.
No matter how you look at it, this has smeared the Nollywood name. It is not irredemable but it’s time for Nollywood to look within and ask the question, how can players here earn enough not to even contemplate disgraceful acts like this?
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