#SeasonOne: How to Have Sex 18+

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Sex is a physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse. You may want to ask, who doesn’t know how to have sex? Even the saintly virgin knows how. I don’t want to take anything for granted and that’s why I am starting these sex series with How to Have Sex.

Sex is a beautiful thing that sometimes cannot be described into words. It is a connection that starts with the mind and ends with the body. It’s a feeling you want to replicate over and over again. For many it’s a way to communicate deep affections and for some others, it’s a way to unwind and relief stress.

Whether you are Saint Paul or you already have a PhD in sexology, you still have simple lessons to take from this piece. If you are interested in learning, drop everything else and pay attention to these lessons on How to Have Sex. Let’s go…

Find Someone to Have Sex With

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You need to find someone who is willing to go all the way there with you. Sex is sex because there is someone else involve. When someone is willing to have sex with you, you are doing it right but when you forcefully make someone have sex with you, that is rape.


So, the first thing to do is get someone willing to have it with you. Getting someone can be hard and sometimes it can be easy. If sex is what you want, just get someone who is also interested in sex.

Fix a Place to Have Sex

Once you find someone willing to have sex with you, what you need next is find a place where the act will take place. Will it be in a hotel, your house, the car, in the cinema hall, restroom or any other place you are both most comfortable using?


Play it Gentle or Rough

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Depending on the rush of emotions between you both, you may get impatient to get down to business by playing it rough but it all boils down to you. It can either be gentle or rough. Being gentle is kissing softly while the hands are running notes on each other’s body before the buttons are unhooked one after the other. Playing it rough is totally different. It’s entering into the place you’ve determined to have sex and completely unable to wait any more – locking lips together as though you will never be able to kiss another one again, tearing the shirt hindering body contact and removing every obstacle that may stop the main action and pants piercing.

All of these are where you kiss, touch, smooch, romance, talk dirty and serenade the person’s body for the upcoming magic.


Hit the Nail in the Hole

If you are a man your penis must have been erect at this time and all you want to do is hit that spot. If you are a woman, you should have been freaking wet to the point where all you want to feel is him inside you. The two words here are Penis and Vagina. The man can either enter in or the woman can either pay it a visit or take it in (if you know what I mean).

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You can ride as long as you can last but a word of advice, the more you ride, the faster you cum but you must bear in mind that the man and the woman don’t hit ecstasy at the same time. It’s better to hit it together by waiting on each other. How? Go fast, slow, fast, slow and fastttttt till you hit it together.


This is BroadwayAfricaHOT and it’s the very first season. Stay tuned for more.

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