#ProudlyNaija: 4 Signs That You Are A True Nigerian

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Nigeria is blessed both with people and resources. We might be going through so much right now but that never stops us from claiming our motherland when we need to. As the Giant of Africa, Nigerians always hold theirs whenever they visit one or more countries. This way, you can truly tell that someone is from Nigeria.

1.Always vigilant and in a hurry: Most Nigerians have these traits especially if you are from or live in Lagos. Real Lagosians understand the need to always stay sharp and move fast, and it has become second nature to them. You will never catch a true Lagosian keeping his or her things carelessly in public places or walking sluggishly on the streets, especially crowded streets.

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2. The term “owambe” brings you joy: Nigerians love to party and so they find opportunities to make merry. Weekends are basically set aside for owambes…even if Friday nights are spent in one of the many nightclubs and lounges around the country.


3. You can walk, eat, talk on the phone and hop on a bus, all at the same time: This happens all the time in Lagos. Every true Lagosian operates with the mantra ‘time waits for no man’, so they multitask with ease.

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4. You can’t outsmart a Nigerian: Before you outsmart a Nigerian then you must be one yourself otherwise, No way they’ll let you outsmart them especially when it comes to money.

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