Omotola Jalade Embarks On a New Movie Project Titled ‘Shadow Parties’

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It has definitely been one of the most interesting times since Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade made her come back to the movie scene after her 3 years hiatus. It is evident that Omotola is out to satisfy her fans who she had left for so long of any cravings through her works and there seems to be no stopping her.

The screen goddess who recently blew our minds in her come-back movie ‘Alter Ego’ and whose exceptional performance in her just released movie ‘Tribunal’ thrilled us beyond norms has embarked on yet another movie journey titled ‘Shadow Parties’ a movie directed by the respected filmmaker Yemi Amodu.

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Dotted with love and intercommunal marriages, “Shadow Parties” encapsulates the endless political intrigues that would later transform into blood business of arms and ammunitions and of course the killings of innocent residents.

Omotola Jalade recently met with the brilliant Yemi Amodu to sign the contract of the new movie in Ikeja. We have no doubt that these two who are respectively one of the very best in their fields are cooking something worth seeing.

The Nollywood actress has remained one of the biggest faces of the thriving Nigerian film and movie industry and has through her roles, talents and creativity helped to define and shape the Industry to what we have today.  Having seen the passion and level of professionalism from Omotola Jalade, a new movie project is undauntedly welcome.

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