Number Of Times Bobrisky And Tunde Ednut Came For Each Others Jugular

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The Rift between Tunde Ednut and Bobrisky is obviously not stopping anytime soon.

These two have been at each other’s throats for as long as we can remember.
While some has adviced the both of them to get a life, some people live for the exchange of words between these two.

Though Bobrisky has said many times that he does not care what people say about him but maybe he cares because he always has a response for Tunde Ednut.

We will be running down all the times Bobrisky and Tunde Ednut came for each other on Social media.

Earlier this year,Tunde Ednut posted a hilarious video of Bobrisky on his Instagram page, then posted news of him hiding in a Toyota car without AC,he then posted the video of Bobrisky hiding his face while heading to his economy class seat.

All the while,Bobrisky in a series of snap videos was busy slamming him,saying he was deported and can never enter London,that ladies should be careful of him,that he is a broke ass.

We thought the Beef was over until Tunde posted an unedited photo of Bobrisky in a movie scene which many criticized him for being fake and selling fake creams.
Bobrisky once again took to his Instagram to react over the viral photo

He said “There is this viral pictures I have been seeing on the internet. I got to know that the post was from Tunde Ednut. As we all know, we all know that Tunde Ednut has no future.He has no career. We don’t even know if he is a comedian or a singer maybe an artiste because the guy sing, the song no blow. He did comedy and the comedy no blow.
I think what Tunde Ednut does now is to laugh at people. We all know that his page on Instagram is so boring.Whenever he wants to make his page busy, he will look for my picture,probably go and edit it and post it so that the page can go viral”
That guy has no sense. And the only reason he’s on my case is this:one time, early last year,he ‘toasted’ me,and I was like ‘what the fuck is this?’ I blocked him and ever since this dude has been on my case.

Tunde Ednut responded by posting a picture on this Instagram page which read:

Its so funny how no one believes that Transgender.Nobody seems to believe because of her/his accumulated lies.God bless you all.

The photo which has a lot of laughing emojis was captioned:

“Bobo don die for my hand for this Social Media.#Abandonedidiot.”

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Also,Recently, Tunde Ednut published a set of videos that shows Bobrisky’s mansion being emptied.

He claimed the owner of the house has rejected Bobrisky and sent him packing.He alleged that Bobrisky was leaving his apartment quietly after pictures came out that air conditioners were missing out of Bobrisky’s apartment.

BOBRISKY HAS BEEN MOVING QUIETLY OUT OF HIS PERSONALLY “BUILT RENTED” APARTMENT: We have all had rent issues, but when you lie and “do party” claiming another man’s house because of Social Media at the same time insulting ladies telling them that they are not on your level, then when you begin to move out silently in the midnight cause you can’t afford your rent, YOUR NEIGHBORS will laugh at you, record you and send to me. He has removed all the ACs and NEPA has cut his electricity. Please who has SAGEM charger abeg? My phone is about to die. Where is Jacob?

Bobrisky who is not one to back down from a fight replied Tunde Ednut in a series of Snapchat post. He said:

Tundednut pls leave me alone ?????????? God know u asked me out but i told u I wasn’t interested. Pls can u tell me how much u pay ? those monkey ? that came to record my house ?? They don’t have job I can employ them to work in one of Bob stores. I really wish I catch them. I will make sure I pour hot water ? on them. Next time if anyone send them that kind of rubbish message again they won’t go. I worked my ass up to own all dis in lekki 5 bedroom duplex two living rooms. Some say Bobrisky rented it ?????? dey wish. Anyway no comment on that. Dis interiors alone is 12million and am still working on more interiors. I love deco a lot. Y would I have a BAE that worth billions and I will be suffering. When my grandma is not dead yet ??????. I’m showing u guys my cars ? soon. Tundednut was trying to get back at me because I expose him he asked me out. Tunde am engaged leave me alone. People who know Tunde Abeg no lie Tunde house ? fine reach dis house ??????.’


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