Nigerians Who Say Nollywood Don’t Make Good Movies Are Idiots – Filmmaker Onyeka Nwelue

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Nigerian cultural entrepreneur, filmmaker, professor and author who is best known for his novel The Abyssinian Boy believes that people only love to deceive themselves that Nollywood do not make great movies. In an exclusive interview with BroadwayTV, he described these people as idiots. In his words

“I believe Nigeria is ready for everything the truth is that we still have people who believe there is no depth to Nollywood movies. I mean these are generally people who deceive themselves that we do not have good films made by Nigerians. I want to describe them as idiots. They do not even see these films and just make assumptions, the ones they see are mostly on Africa Magic because every Nigerians who wants to sound smart tries to deny the fact that he or she watches a Nollywood film but that every Nigerian knows a Nollywood actor.”

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He further stated that Nigeria is the most hypocritical country in the word stating the fact that people who mostly say they do not watch Nigerian movies are broke people who have no money to go to the Cinemas.

“This is the most hypocritical country in the world where you say you do not know any Nigerian film yet you know the actor and it is such an irony because they do not have money to go to the Cinema to pay and watch, they are broke people so they tend to lie about it but the best films you can ever find in this continent come from Nigeria.”

The filmmaker went on to give advice to fellow filmmakers like himself that they should keep up the good work and not wait for any validation from critics. According to him, critics are just people who know films but can’t make one.

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“I saw Omugwo by Kunle Afolayan yesterday and it is like the finest comedy film I have ever seen anywhere in the world. I don’t watch American films; I don’t have time for Americans. I think every filmmaker who makes a film should keep making films because we have different market that is the target audiences for every kind of works you produce. They should go ahead and make films and make people happy. People should be left to make films, critics can write their critics because a critic for me is like a union harem, they know how it is done but they can never do it. They know how to make films but they have never made one so it is easy to criticize a work of art but what about the production on its own. Do these critics go on set where these filmmakers make films? Do they know the struggle filmmakers go through to make films? All these things need to be analyzed first so I think every filmmaker should be encouraged. I pay money to go see Nigerian movies every week.” He said

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On his current project, Onyeka Nwelue shared with the team that he is currently promoting his documentary.

“I am still promoting my documentary; it is a one hour 30 minutes documentary. It is about Flora Nwapa, Africa’s first female writer. I am amore into documentary film than feature films because I am interested in the cultures and traditions of Africans”

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