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New In Lagos? Here Are 5 Five Wears You Should Avoid

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I know majority of you would be wondering why I am writing this article, knowing that I was born and brought up in Lagos, but hey, can’t a sister help a sister out especially those who are new to our ever bubbling Lagos. The city where the motto is every man for himself, walking so fast as if the world was gonna come to an end in 50 seconds. In Lagos, life is different, everyone minds their business, the food is different, the way of living is different, even fashion in Lagos is different.

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Talking about fashion, if you are new in Lagos especially those who just flew from the states, then my darlings you should read this article to the very end. The fashion here is wild and unique and believe me every real Lagosian babe can spot a ‘Johhny Just Come’ from a distant, well that because they dress in a very ‘American way’ on a regular day and try to always over impress with their outfit. So my new fashion obsessed ladies in Lagos, below are 5 wears you should avoid in Lagos. Thank me later after reading.

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1. Heavy Wool Coat:

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Ok, I am definitely sure that by now you should know that Lagos is f*cking hot and you don’t want to be seen sweating like a Christmas goat on the street of Lagos, then please sell them coat to the nearest boutique around you. Thanks.

2. Multi Colored Ensemble:

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Walking on the street looking like an ‘eke’ masquerade ain’t nice trust me, because all eyes will be on you and you will wish the ground would open for you to enter. So avoid then rainbow colours in one outfit.

3. Impractical Shoes:

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My darlings these shoes as seen above only works for the popular Nigeria Media Personality, Denrele because he is a Lagos breed. So ladies, abeg just leave all them impractical shoes behind and get yourself some flat shoes or fancy slippers.Our road is bad enough, these shoes will just destroy them completely.

4. White Pants:

Image result for White Pants:

If you don’t own a car or your journey won’t be from car to to your destination then please buy the 1litre Jik stain remover because Lagos is full of dust and dirt.

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5. Clothes that are Too Big:

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What more do I have to say, please don’t go dressing like them niggas up in this b*tch.. Lagosians are fashionable people so please don’t use you reggae to spoil our blues.

Please dearies help a sister with more wears to avoid in Lagos, via the comment box..

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