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I kept telling myself that it couldn’t be till I got home. My ‘school son’; who was trying to understand the story, kept mute till we got to the junction where we usually go our separate ways. I soon forgot about the drama that ensued with the Barber and was enjoying my weekend.

I was sweeping the compound this wonderful Saturday morning, I got to the gate and saw Nneka and her dad passing. I dropped my broom to be sure of what I saw. Lo and behold, it was indeed Nneka and her dad. I called her name and her dad turned and saw me. “Is that not your friend?” Her father asked. Nneka answered; “Oh! yes”

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They walked up to me and her dad said with so much displeasure  “Please, this Barber has been harassing my daughter. So, I want you to go and pay the money so I can get my wife’s shoe back.” I was confused and so mad at Nneka for putting me in such an enbarrassing situation, so I explained to him what the Barber told me the day he saw me and the truth that I knew nothing about Nneka borrowing #1,000.While I was explaining, Nneka kept signaling at me with her eyelids that kept  moving up and down,but I was too angry to even consider playing along.

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I ignored her and continued my explanation. Her dad told me to follow them to the Barber’s shop to clarify as he didn’t know who to believe; his daughter or me. I called my aunt as my parents were not at home and she told them she couldn’t allow me follow someone she was just meeting. She listened to the story and pestered Nneka to confess, Nneka seemed tough at first but the tricky questions made her confess.

Her dad was angry; not because she lied only but because he brought her all the way when she knew she was lying. He slapped her hard and apologized. I pitied my poor friend as I watched them leave the compound.

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“Nneka is too pretty to do that. I know she will tell me what happened”, I said to my aunt. She looked at me and said, “Be careful, that is not a friend”.







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