My Innocent Friend

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The ‘Nneka’s incident’ soon died and we were close friends again as I assumed she would have learnt her lesson.

Mrs Nwosu’s period on the time table was our best period in school as she taught Foods and Nutrition and we had the opportunity to cook during her period. We cooked Fried Rice and Turkey and we ate to our satisfaction.

God oh! God oh! Mrs. Nwosu shouted and we ran back to know why she shouted. She told us that her sim card and charger went missing. We all looked at each other and smiled because the sim card was too old to be stolen. We left as we didn’t understand that was going on.

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The principal and his vice entered our class with canes and dropped on the table. We were shivering with fear because he named our class ‘most notorious class’. He said, “If I say am not tired, God knows am lying. How will you steal V mobile sim card and charger? What’s going?” “Answer” he said, as he scared us with his cane.

Bayo raised his hand and said, “Sir, we are innocent but someone can check our bags and pockets. He continued: “We only went there to cook and no one went to where she was charging”. I saw Nneka’s hands move and I thought within me; “I hope it’s not Nneka, I just hope so because this is getting too much”.

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See it oh! Mrs. Nwosu screamed. Lo and behold, it was found in Nneka’s bag. “Nneka, how can you steal these? What do you need it for? What’s your problem? Are you crazy? Are you a thief? The principal kept asking her questions, without allowing her answer previous one. There was no sign of remorse on her face as she looked at the principal.

The principal left the class with annoyance, as the vice- principal pushed her out of the class. The class captain looked at us and told us that we will be having a meeting after school to discuss what has been happening in our class. I nodded out of disappointed and continued reading my novel.

Timi broke the silence in the class with his song. He sang, “We dem boys, Oya Oya…..

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The boys jumped up with joy and sang their favourite song again;

                                                 I will not lie to my mummy

                                                I will not lie to my daddy        

                                                Liar Liar Liar Liar



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