My Innocent Friend

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Monday soon came and the rush for school resumed. Mr. Friday was seen at the gate with his cane to punish late comers and send school fee defaulters home.

Mrs Ikong led the assembly in an unusual way. The praise and worship session was lit as it reminded me of “Experience”. We all sang the hymn melodiously and prayed like never before. The principal of Doban College; Mr. Olushina Davies stepped the podium as his shoes made funny sounds; kro kro kro.

He greeted everyone; “Good morning Doban students and staff” We responded to his greeting. He continued: “I thank God that we back and it’s a bright and great Monday. Your exams are fast approaching and I want to implore you all to do your best as heaven help those who help themselves. For those who participated in Cowbell Mathematics competition, I am proud of you. Keep it up.

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Students who participated were seen beaming with smiles as others murmured. Mr. Davies showed signs for us to keep quiet and said; “I don’t know what some students are turning into. I received a call this morning and I found it hard to believe what I heard.

He explained what he heard. We all wondered about who he was talking about. I wasn’t shocked when he mentioned Nneka’s name. Students screamed; Ahhhhh! Nneka who wasn’t touched with the drama the students displayed, left the crowd to meet the principal. I was happy as he didn’t mention my name.

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The assembly ended after he told Nneka to cut grass for a month for lying to her dad. The girls were waiting to hear the punishment melted to Nneka while the boys were busy rehearsing the song to sing for Nneka as soon as she enters. Even when I tried to be sad, the boys’ new song made me smile. She stepped into the classroom and they welcomed her with their newly composed song. It goes thus;

I will not lie to my mummy

                                                I will not lie to my daddy

                                                Liar Liar Liar Liar

They beat the desk with their hands and danced to support their song. Nneka hissed and went to her seat. Her case created topics and gossips for the day as students were seen in groups discussing. I approached her and apologized. She just nodded.

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“I hope she has learnt her lesson and won’t lie again” I told Martha.





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