MOVIE REVIEW: Brother Jekwu Will Leave You Gasping For Breath

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I am not one who can be easily made to laugh when it comes to comedy movies; I mean, Nigerian comedy movies so when I saw the trailer of ‘Brother Jekwu’, I wasn’t totally convinced Mike Ezuronye had the magic wand to make me LOL literally.

I was wrong, completely and utterly wrong because when I finally saw Brother Jekwu, I was left gasping for breath due to too much laughter. Brother Jekwu is a delight to watch, in fact thinking about it right now, I have a ridiculous smile on my face.

For anyone who had seen Jenifa, 30 Days in Atlanta and A trip to Jamaica, I mean these three were top box office movies. They made millions of Naira for a comedy movie in Nigeria, one will be able to understand the true importance of laughter and when you are given this in a dynamic and unique form like what Mike did with ‘Brother Jekwu’ it is understandable that one remembers how awesome the movie truly is.

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Mike Ezuronye might still be the lover boy you remember him as, but it’s time to envision him as Brother Jekwu, the village champion who wanted more than what he could take on, who pushed his luck with his cousin Kego(Angela Okorie) who he believed became successful through hard and diligent work. The ‘Hapi Hapi’ man, a sentence that he is known for, took a huge step leaving his village and his little sister who he loved and protected dearly. This was how everything changed for him as he ventured into a world of death, dangerous business, notorious gang and a highly deadly boss (Juliet Ochieng) who had no mercy for anyone.

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As Mike’s first debut as a producer, we have to give it to him, he did a great job in promoting culture,tourism,unity, love and above all laughter. If you haven’t been to Kenya and want to feel like you’ve been there then Bro Jekwu is a must watch for you.

Actors and acting:

At first it was extremely funny, but then there were moments where it looked like Mike was trying too hard to be funny with his repetition of one particular word ‘Ehen’ at the end of each statements but this didn’t last for long as Jekwu landed in Kenya and seemed to lose the word back in Nigeria. He had few glitches here and there but his expressions and construction of English would ‘Kill’ any doubts that Mike truly did a great job.

The introduction of few known Kenya celebrities like Ex BBA housemates Huddah Monroe and Sabina Stadler was a smart move. Many might not know them but for any Big Brother Africa addict, these two are known for being crazy, fun and dramatic which they added to this movie especially Sabina Stadler. The other Kenyan actors didn’t slack as well especially the giant mad man who turned Jekwu into a baby. This part and that of when it was revealed that Paulina (Sabina) was transgender were the highlights of the movie.

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Funny Bone although went a little bit overboard at some point, however killed his role especially when he handed Bro Jekwu a hand fan and called it one horse power AC or when he narrated how Wizkid had lived in his wretched room before he became popular same as Zakki Azzay and lots of other popular musicians.

I personally didn’t think Wofa Ifada was needed in that movie, to be honest, I think her scene was a total bore and a waste of time. I almost dozed off watching her in a big pant and suit dancing to whatever music she was listening to but I can forgive them because OAP Nedu saved the day by stealing her taxi and his funny Hausa accent.

Angela Okorie was a total badass with her black on black combo. She was able to play her role without difficulties. Kudos to her.

Grandma:  I refuse to learn her name because she made me cry a little from laughing due to her way of wooing Brother Jekwu and then passing out from heated sex while screaming for her life. Hilarious

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It was easy for us to know Mike was trying to sell Five Star Music songs to everyone but then again who doesn’t love good music which was exactly what he did, he gave us good music as his soundtrack

Sound and Lightings:

The technical aspect of Brother Jekwu was on point. Professional camera movement, transition was dope, quality picture, great sound without glitches. Money well spent. Kudos!


This was one of my low moments in the movie. It’s okay to promote your sponsors but it must be neatly done however it wasn’t totally off the track. The NairaBet advert was a little tacky, the way they spent several minutes explaining how it works and when Brother Jekwu came back from Kenya to cash out, I just didn’t get it. This however, didn’t make the movie any less hilarious because I was “Hapi Hapi” at the end of the day.

I must say, Mike Ezuronye got it right with this one and a big shout out to the Director, Charles Uwagbai, he definitely knows his onions.

Brother Jekwu is a must watch, comedy from a different angle like never seen before. Hilarious, educating and utterly brilliant. It was worth my time.

Watch trailer below:

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