Ladies: Advantages Of Marrying In Your Twenties

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We ladies always have this mindset that marriage can come after you are fulfilled as a woman or one should give time to enjoy being a spinster but no matter what your reason might be, here are some the advantages of marrying in your twenties.

High fertility

The fertility rate of women starts declining around age 31, decreasing more dramatically as soon as they are past 35. Having babies in your twenties helps to save money that you may have to spend on expensive fertility treatments which could be needed in the long run.

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It’s healthier for mother and baby

Beyond decreased fertility, it is also essential that women marry and get pregnant (depending on your order of preference) in their twenties to avoid/lower pregnancy risks.
It is healthy for the mother, and healthier for the child as there are many infant-related health risks associated with older women giving birth.

Growing together financially

Marriage is simply another phase of life, it should not make you lose focus and sight of who you are, hence, get into it early enough to build an empire with your man.

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Early procreation

Having kids in your twenties most likely increases the possibility of being a young grandparent.
You are agile enough to keep up with your grandchildren and you get to have a strong relationship with them.

Happier home and plenty memories to share with spouse

A study documented by Knot yet showed that there are higher chances for people who are still unmarried in their twenties to over-indulge in alcohol consumption.
These persons suffer depression and loneliness as opposed to their married counterparts.
You also get to share lots of memories with one another as young, vibrant couples are believed to be fun, wild and free.

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The luxury of freedom once the kids are grown

It is usually easy for a lady who marries early to restart her career or pursue abandoned dreams when her children are all grown – and have moved out of the house. Being young and full of vigour makes it easier to do all these.

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