Kemen Stays Trending On Twitter See What People Are Saying About Him

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It’s been several days after the biggest reality TV show Big Brother Naija ended however, the happenings in the house still remains a trending topic. One of the controversies that took place in the house was that of disqualified housemate Kemen and the 2nd runner up TBoss.

Kemen was disqualified based on his wrong actions directed at TBoss. He was said to have sexually harass TBoss while she was asleep and without her consent. Twitter users went after the organizers of the show to take actions which led to his disqualification. One would think after this huge step and an apology from Kemen to TBoss and every other women the matter would be laid to rest, It remains an interesting fact that Kemen still stays trending on twitter as people demand that Kemen needs to be stopped from enjoying same privileges as other housemates who had a good run in the show.

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The matter seemed to have died down until two or three days ago when comedian AY joked about the incident with Kemen and TBoss present. People were of the opinion that the matter is quite a sensitive matter hence the need not to joke about it. People came for AY for trying to make Kemen’s action look like it was nothing as the comedian kept tagging it “a normal thing for guys to do”. Here are what people are saying on Twitter about this issue;

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