Just Because It Is Mother’s Day, Here Are How Mothers Trick Us But They Love Us Still 

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Our Mothers are pretty interesting beings. They love us so much that they take care of us. They take up the most in life just for us and we love them just as much. However, there are days that they are just too much for us to handle. 

1. When they borrow from you and you ask for it but they start telling you the history of how they carried you for nine months 

2. Or they start calculating your school fees and how much they have spent on you 

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3. Or they tell you to remove the money from all they’ve done then tell you you are now owing them 

4. When they take sarcasm to the next level and you mistakenly fall for it 

5. Like the time they tell you to go out but what they actually meant was that you shouldn’t 

6. Or the time you ask where to keep something and they tell you their head 

7. Or the time they say “take it” but they really mean “don’t take it” 

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8. The time they are so petty and they start throwing jabs at you that it’s time for you to get married 

9. Or when they take you to the market and make you regret going with them 

10. Or that time when they start telling you your ancestorial history just because you asked a question

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