If You Do Not Like That I Am Single Then Go And Hug Transformer – Toni Tones

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In a society where ladies get pressured into believing that marriage is an ultimate goal, Nollywood actress, singer and photographer, Toni Tones believes that no lady should be pressured into getting married. The actress shared that it is more important to be married for happiness than for the sake of it.

In an exclusive chat with BroadwayTV, Toni Tones bared her thoughts on societal pressure and marital mistakes. In her words;

“This pressure that everyone keeps talking about, I don’t understand it and I don’t let anybody pressurize me. If you do not like that I am single then look away. My advice to singles and those who are under pressure to get married is to just be truthful to you. It is more important to be married for happiness than for the sake of it so I don’t want you to rush just to get married because they feel the need to.”

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She further stated that anyone who doesn’t like her relationship status should “hug the transformer”. She said; “Take your time, you do not have to prove anything to anybody, you owe it to yourself to be happy, to choose right and just be patient, love yourself and be happy with yourself. A man should just complement you, he shouldn’t fulfill. Tell anybody who is disturbing you to go and hug transformer nau it is not by force. Love will come if you want it, be open, pray about it and just stay positive and it will come.”

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Toni Tones who has always had a passion for creativity and excellence since childhood is one of the most fashionable and talented act in Nigeria.  Toni says to her fashion and style is a way she expresses herself and an avenue to show who she is. After graduation, she faced her dream and started with photography, then music and acting.

Talking about actresses who live for the gram, Toni believes that an actor’s life on social media shouldn’t be taken seriously. According to her;

“When it comes to social media take everything at face value, never covert anybody’s life. They are created, they pick what they want you to see, they are able to put up a facade and pretty much project whatever they want you to see, sometimes it is not real and sometimes it is real. So I don’t think anyone should look at someone else’s life enviously you never really know what they are going through. In terms of actresses living above their means, I don’t really know I always cut my coat according to my side.”

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On love, she said; “I am very cliché, love is sharing, love is caring, love is being there for the people you care about and shows love to you and maybe people who don’t. Love is just and love is God.”

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