If You Are The Oldest And The Mature One In Your Clique This Post Is For You

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We all have that one friend who just seems to be more mature than the rest. Being the mature friend is not easy, and it comes with quite a bit of responsibility, expectations, and judgment. To the mature girls of the group: thank you, we couldn’t survive without you. Here are some struggles of being the mature friend:

1. You don’t have the same sense of humor as them: A lot of the things they say aren’t that funny to you, but you laugh along because that’s what friends do, right?

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2. You can’t get too crazy when you go out: Being the mature one, you know your friends will most likely need you late in the night. This means you must always control yourself, whether you like it or not.

3. You’re expected to make a lot of the group’s decisions: Making plans is usually put on you. And you just do it because if you don’t make the decisions, no one will.

4. You don’t really enjoy “turning up” every single night: Because you actually do have a life and don’t want to waste it turning up everytime

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5. You’re sometimes unsure of who you can talk to about your problems, thoughts, and feelings: You find it hard to chose which friend can relate to your feelings because you don’t know if they think the same. The mature friend can often be left feeling lonely because of this.

6. You’re not sure if you should take your friends’ advice: You find it difficult to take advice because you feel like their advice might lead you to make the wrong decision. This can get awkward and uncomfortable because you love them to death, but may not trust their judgment.

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7. You’re sometimes embarrassed by your friends in public: You love your friends to death, but sometimes they just need to be reminded of what is appropriate to do or say in public. And you constantly find yourself apologizing to others on their behalf.


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