If You Are Friends With A Foodie These Are What You Experience With Them

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These are the things that happen when your best friend likes food too much and there is nothing you can do about it. Take a look;

1. Food is their first love and they are hungry ALL. THE. TIME


2. The foodie in them has explored almost all the eatery joints in your city

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3. They love to carry some basic snacks with them like chips or chocolates


4. They love to experiment with food and try out new dishes

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5. Before taking your first bite, you wait to see their reaction when they take the first bite of their food.


6. When you plan on going out with them, the first thing to decide is a good place to eat


7. When they return from their travel escapades, all they talk about is the food that they ate there


8. When you are with them, the foodie in you wakes up

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9. They can’t decide on one favorite dish because they love all kinds of food

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10. The first thing they do when the visit you is ransack your kitchen without any care in the world

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