Ibadan Is Trending On Twitter All Because Of #5kBae And The Tweets Will Crack You Up So Bad

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Earlier we reported the drama that went down last night between a guy who spent 3,800 on a date with a girl andgot made because she said she wasn’t interested in dating him. Poor guy went on Twitter to rant not knowing things were going to switch up from 0-100 real quick.

Now the said guy named Pablo has been dragged since last night however he isn’t being dragged alone, Twitter users have decided to involve WEMA Bank the bank the dude is using and Ibadan being that the incident occurred there or the dude is from Ibadan i guess. Check out the hilarious tweets from people on Twitter.

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1. When you disown your state and your current one is no better

2. Why are people like this? LMAO

3. No man, this is savagery at its peak

4. When you can’t take it anymore

5. Yo Man *in Uriel’s voice*

6. Whose equation is this? You have to come explain

7. Yall just play too much

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