I Found My Husband On Social Media – Nollywood actress and Producer, Judith Audu Reveals

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Social Media is gradually becoming a platform that offers people more than they expect. Various individuals use social media for different reasons, some for education, some for entertainment, others use it to grow their businesses while for some social media has taken them from the single to the married zone.

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Nollywood actress and producer, Judith Audu is one of the many who found love via social media. Here is what she said when asked what social media has done for her personally. “Ah me, social media is my life (laughs) I keep telling people that I am one of those people that Social media has helped in a lot of ways that can’t be said into one. My marriage was from social media, my career was bloomed from social media, every single I have done I have probably gotten from social media…… for me, social media has been absolutely amazing in my life, I can’t even begin to count how I have benefited from it.”

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Watch the full video below:


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