I Carried Drugs At The Darkest Time In My Life – Uche Udoputa

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In a society where poverty has eaten deep into the fabric of the people and drives them to do certain things that they aren’t supposed to do, Nollywood actor Uche Udoputa, who was arrested for drug trafficking by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in 2007 talks about the darkest time of his life, what led to his arrest and the opportunity for a second chance.

In an exclusive chat with Broadway TV, Uche Udoputa shared his mistakes and experience. In his words;

“What led me to that was nothing more than that point in man’s life, where things are so dark and you think within yourself that you can take a leap and automatically change things from what it is to another stage. You somehow forget that life and every other thing is for a time and season. Nothing lasts forever. It was a downtown of my life, where I wasn’t seeing clear and I made that mistake but thank God I have a second chance to life”.

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Describing the past as tough, dark and hard, he stated “It was so dark that you may never know that there are different ways of drinking garri. It was that bad that then my landlady had to walk into my house and said she wanted to demarcate my house into a mini flat. It was that dark that even my parents were disappointed at me.

He further explained, “At a point in time, I relocated to London and somewhere along the line I came back to meet the industry that we started which had overtaken me. A lot of people had grown-up to become superstars. I came back to nothing. I had friends abroad who kept calling me on the phone and asking what I was doing in Nigeria. At the end of the day, jobs weren’t coming as it were and when it comes, it comes in trickles when I have colleagues being paid over 3 to 4 figures higher and somebody is telling me for 10,000k or 20,000k. So, there came a call and said why don’t I just do this; am going to get a certain amount and I looked at it and as stupid as I was at that time thinking that would turn my life around. I wished I knew better then but just want to say thank you that I have a second chance to make things better”.

On regret, he said; “It was a terrible time for my family. It was that bad that I wasn’t man enough and I didn’t think well and I made a mistake. Failure has no relative. I failed at that time, so the only way for me to get this second chance and make it right is from the things I got then or people who were disappointed in me were things that gave me the courage.  I had grace and hope and that sustained me to believe that I know I will be able to make it to this point but that is not to say that it’s all about my personal efforts but I thank God because he’s a God of second chance and for the audience who stood by me.

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Uche Udoputa  who plays the role ‘Chief Livinus’ in popular TV series; ‘Husbands of Lagos’,  and has also acted in movies such as; The Captor, Eyes of the Eagle, Eviction Day , Brothers War, Last Flight to Abuja, among others stated, “ I am happy today because of two things; I have a second chance to do things better and the entertainment industry has fully accepted me and by your support and prayers I believe that I am going to do better”.



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