I am the most natural being anyone can see anywhere – Nkechi Blessing

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In a society filled with both naturally and ‘fake’ endowed people, Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing popularly known Omoge Lekki, whose striking quality is her curves, believes that she’s natural and she sees no reason why people should see her as fake. The actress shared that anyone can be attractive; whether slim or not.

In an exclusive chat with Broadway TV, Omoge Lekki bared her thoughts on people’s belief that she’s fake. In her words;

‘Really, I am the most natural being any one can see anywhere because I don’t do makeup, I don’t wear lashes and I don’t fix nails. I am very natural so I don’t see why anyone will see me as fake’.

Talking about her banging body that attracts men, she said; ‘I don’t know the big deal about my body. It is this same God that gave every else body that gave me too body. I don’t know and I can’t say the difference between my body and anyone else’s. A slim girl can be very attractive, it depends on what a guy wants. So I don’t think there’s any big deal about my body’.

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Most Nollywood actress are either not married or divorced. Concerning settling down, she had this to say:

“I am thinking of settling down anytime soon. I have a fiancé and we are getting married soon. I love my private life and I wouldn’t want it to be anywhere”.

She further stated that, “I can’t marry an actor. I wouldn’t even want to marry someone that is well known. I love everything on a low. I wouldn’t want to marry someone that’s loud. I am already loud, big and fair. So I want someone no one will know so I can just enjoy my marriage and everything will be peaceful”.

On social media, she said; “I use to tell my friends that even if I give birth to one, two, three and four children, it won’t be anywhere on social media because I want to keep my love life my marriage and everything me private I wouldn’t want it to be out there because social media has done more harm than good to marriages and relationships”.

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Talking on sex before marriage, she stated: “I don’t know, you know different people with their own. Like me, it will not be nice for you to get married and you don’t know what you want to get married to. You understand so you won’t go and start cheating on your husband.

I don’t know, I am not advising it but however it wants to happen in your own family, please just let it be for me I know how I will do mine”.

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Nkechi Blessing who produced and played the role of a runs girl in ‘Omoge Lekki’ and has acted in movies such as ‘Alakada reloaded’, ‘Suicide’ among others stated, “So many people I want to work with, but if I can get to work with Joke Silva. I have been on same set with her and have always dreamt of it and that’s Toyin Abraham in Alakada reloaded. The next one am going to do, I am going to like to work it out with her one on one like we going to be having a challenging one. For Hollywood, it’s Angelina Jolie all the way. I love her”.

Watch Full Interview Video: https://youtu.be/EUU307K52js


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