Hilarious Reasons Nigerian Girls Give For Not Having Boyfriends

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Most Nigerian ladies are fond of making some excuses when asked why they don’t have a boyfriend, though some the answers might be reasonable but it get really funny at times. See some of these reasons below:

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1. I am Not Ready For A Relationship

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This is a common phrase for ladies. A lady of 35years old, still claiming she don’t want to be in a relationship…. She needs deliverance from a pastor in the North.Or did she wants to be a Sister? There’s nothing impossible for God to do.

2. Guys Are Distraction

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This is a big lie!! Men only become distractions when you let them be.. Besides if you are busy women you wouldn’t have time  for distraction.

3. I Prefer Foreign Guys

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Keep waiting ooooo… Jesus is coming with the foreign disciples you can pick your spec there..

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4. Nigerian Guys Are Players

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Lol! This is a trend among them, “Nigerian Guys are Players”. There a reason why a guy would dumb your ass and that’s because you’ve already give him the ball to play. Not every Nigerian guys are players, you just have to observe and don’t rush into his arms… “Clearer Eyes Choose The Best Product”.

5. I Don’t Have Time For Guys Now

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You don’t have time guys for now abi? They there until your parents send you out to go get a husband then you will wished you had had time…

6. I Want To Face My Work

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Sister, are you telling me that, is your work you wanna marry? *If I hear*… You better face your work and face your man.. na 50 50 package be this one ooo..

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7. Still Waiting For God’s Time

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Well! It’s very good to wait for God’s time.”God’s time is the best”.Buh how would you have a spouse when you turned down every guy that cometh your way.Tosyne2much came, you said “No”.Wristbangle came, you said “No”.And you have almost clocked 40 years old.. Still deceiving yourself that “I’m Waiting For God’s Time”.. I pity you.

8. I don’t want a boyfriend because he will want sex.

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9. It’s bad to have a boy friend

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I don’t understand when I hear people say it is bad to have a boyfriend.. Abeg sister, will you just see Brother Paul and marry him without dating him first to know the kind of man he is.. Pls answer oooo..

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Having a b.f or g.f is not wrong but what matters is what u people do that matters. as long as its leading to marriage and you eschew from fornication then its perfectly fine to have one.

10. A perfect man

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Some want a God fearing, tall, fair,caring, loving, gentle, rich, handsome, that doesn’t drink, smoke, snore,has good dress sense, nice humour, truthful, and hardworking haba sister how can u find all this in one person, he doesn’t need to be perfect you can work on him instead of being a gold a goal digger to him make him perfect..

Having a b.f Or g.f is a matter of choice its better you just say no you ain’t interested than giving silly reasons like your pastor said its wrong…mtcheew

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