Ever Wondered Why Nigerians Eat Meat Last, See Reasons

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Its no gainsaying that so many things stands out in Nigeria and every new born child follows the trend. In Nigeria, it is common or better still a ritual to always eat the meat last and it is done among the old and young, no exception to gender. Below are some reasons why Nigerians eat meat last:

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1. Bad Habit

Most parents in Nigeria see it as a bad habit to eat meat first. But think about it, how will they just give a plate of food and the first thing you eat is the meat. Trust me people will see you as a weird person. For example, imagine a beautiful girl out on a date with a prospective boo and they are served a plate of hot Nigerian Jollof rice with Chicken and the first thing she does is to pick up the chicken and start tearing it with her teeth.. chai, even the guy will think the girl is not okay and think less of her. So save the meat for the last.

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2. For Motivation

These days were everyone is watching what they eat due to weight gain, most people don’t always want to finish their meal but because of recession and to avoid stories that touch we all finish the food to a reasonable state and then we finally consume that big beef we have been staring at the whole time.

3. To Show Off

I will try to be as vivid as possible. Let take this scenario for example, a fine bobo is at a restaurant waiting for bae, who already told him she was on her way and he goes ahead to order a plate of food as he patiently waits for his woman, then he picks the meat and eats it first as he is half way with the rice, bae walks in and notice there is no meat in the food. How does the guy explain that he ate the meat first. Trust me 75% of Nigerian girls we conclude that he is so broke to afford a plate of rice with meat. So my dear, we save our meat for the last so as to avoid embarrassment.

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4. That’s The Way We Were Brought Up

Yes ooo, in Nigeria we follow the trend. We met ur parents eating meat last, so we took it up.

5. Save The Best For The Last

Imagine after downing four wraps of ‘Akpu’ and there is no meat at the end of the journey, chai, na bad news be that ooo. So the meat is like a trophy, after a long race your trophy (meat) awaits you at the end..

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