EDITORIAL: The Student and The Internet

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I kept wondering on how to start my feature writing assignment, when Folake came into the room, busy with her phone, looking unconcerned and unbothered. She obviously had not done the assignment and we were to submit the next day. My attention swiftly moved from her back to the assignment, and I was engrossed in it, that I didn’t know when she left the room. Only for her to come back into the room claiming she was done with hers. Eh! Assignment I spent almost 24 hours battling with! And she did hers in less than ten minutes. How on earth did she do it? The answer is usually not far-fetched. It was the Internet , she said.

I sank into my chair and shook my head. Almost every student in Bowen University gets answers from the internet. That’s not even the point, the point is they gullibly copy verbatim, they don’t analyse or even take time to read these “supposedly” accurate answers gotten from the internet. So because there’s internet, we shouldn’t think? Folake’s assignment could have been written by any Dick, Tom and Harry. Sadly, she would have copied it word for word. That’s how the Internet/ Social Media has helped worsen our already- falling standard of education. If you should add anything to your assignment from the internet, it must be carefully analysed, and must be combined with your own personal work. But, no, they never think. They never try to invent ideas. They never put their gullible brain cells to tasks. Thus, people like me are “stupid”. Stupid, Folake said. Stupid because we rely more on our human and intelligent abilities and capabilities, than the so-called help we get from the internet. Does that even make any sense? That is how far the internet as dealt with us. Annoyingly, the lecturer scores them eight or nine marks out of ten, while we who did the assignment as it was meant to be end up with five, six marks. Later, they’ll say Nigeria is not moving forward. When incompetent lecturers and half-baked graduates are everywhere, how can we move forward? How, for Christ’s sake?

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Nowadays, you’ll see students claiming they are pursuing so-called talent careers, abandoning their education. Funny enough, these people cannot even construct good sentences; if you can’t construct good sentences, how can you write good lyrics as a so-called rapper? How? They are all over. They don’t even know what rap actually means. It initially meant saying rubbish or talking gibberish. Why do they want to become rappers? Because Olamide raps, and he’s rich and famous. Thus, to them, education is a mere waste of time. Some even go to the extent of sighting examples like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who didn’t finish schooling, and are the world’s richest men. I laugh in Chinese. Who are we kidding, please?

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Meanwhile, people like Linda Ikeji make millions of naira from the internet daily. But we Bowen students prefer to literally dash MTN and Etisalat money, by wasting megabytes, surfing the net for irrelevances. Students are now running faster than their shadows. Students want to show off their fleet of cars on Instagram, like Wizkid did the other day. Our definitions of success is even terrible. To many, success is having 500 likes on a photo on Instagram. Success is having 2500 followers on Twitter. Is that what success really is? The advent of the social media, the internet has brought about lost values in students, and the society at large. We can only hope things get better in the nick of time, as Nigeria cannot move forward without the youths and students finding the lost values of the nation.


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