Easiest Ways To Get Slaps In An African Home

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Growing up in an African home has its ups and downs, enjoying the dinner with the family all gathered together and also the washing of the plates afterwards but with all these among others, we look at the easiest ways and sometimes flimsy reasons why the children get slapped in African homes.

  1. Missing Parent Signals

When you get visitors in your home and your mom starts winking at you signaling for you to leave the sitting room but you still sit there watching television or gisting with your friend, you know you are writing letter to cane.

  1. Collecting Something From Visitor
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Everyone who grew up in a real African home has done this once in a while, when a visitor comes to greet your parent and then gives you something and you collect it, that is equal to slap but in most cases, they are not beating for collecting but for not looking at them for signal before collecting it, this same parents will go to another parents house and offer the child something depositing a slap in the child’s life.

  1. Eating In Somebody Else’s House
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This is a constant almost everywhere, even if it is a family member, if you eat in their house before asking your parents, you know a slap is waiting for you, now no one knows whether they don’t want you to eat someone else’s food or maybe it’s because they feel you could be poisoned, either way, this will get you a slap.

  1. Not Greeting Them In The Morning

We all know the cliché, how they first ask you “Have you seen me this morning?”, then when you’re about to reply, you cheek gets the five fingers or the “Did you greet me this morning?”, “No, Sir/Ma, Sorry…”, your words are stopped by a slap smack in the face.

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