Check out the Top 3 Nigerian Movies that are Rocking the Cinemas

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So we all know that all work and no play makes a dull jack. Not only dull, it makes a tired, stressed Jack. Thus, we all need to sit back and rewind at some points in our lives. Which is why i’m bringing to you the top 3 Nigerian movies that are best suitable for your rewinding moments. As a matter of fact, these movies are too good to wait for your free moments! Go watch them now! You’d see why. Come with me!

  1. Alter Ego : Featuring one of the best actresses of Nollywood, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Alter Ego tells the story of a young lawyer who is a human rights activists and feminist, and a sex maniac at the same time. As expected, she is cut between these two worlds. How does she save herself?

  2. Hakkunde :

    This inspiring drama centers around a young graduate Akande (Kunle Idowu AKA Frank Donga) who is on a journey to self- discovery.

    Four years after graduation, an unemployed Akande who lives with his elder sister Yewande (Toyin Aimakhu) has to deal with her taunts as he carries a placard around the city of Lagos in search of a job.

    On one of his job hunting days, Akande meets an ‘Okada man,’ Ibrahim (Ibrahim Daddy), who through series of events, leads him to the Northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna, where his journey to self-discovery actually begins.

    Frank Donga in “Hakkunde”Frank Donga in “Hakkunde”

    (Asurf Films)

    “Hakkunde” is one of the very few films that convincingly portray the struggle of a job hunting graduate and what they face daily to survive.

    As Akande, Frank Donga and Ibrahim represent millions of Nigerian graduates, who are without jobs or are doing menial jobs that do not commensurate with their qualifications.

    Packed with powerful messages, “Hakkunde” focuses on self-actualization, preaching the ‘you can be whatever you choose to be’ message.

    In the course of its screen time, the film reminds viewers that everything they want is on the other side of fear.

    It also explores how valuable relationships can be towards the realization of ones potentialities, as seen in Akande’s relationship with Ibrahim’s family.

    The film also explores the role ignorance plays in our society. Maybe not in-depth, but enough to start a necessary conversation. See it today!

  3. Banana Island Ghost : This movie shows how Nollywood has evolved over time, with its cast, story, title and so on. Written and directed by BB Sasore, “Banana Island Ghost” follows the story of two people; Chioma (Chigul) Omeruah (Ijeoma) who is desperately trying to get the money required to pay for her Banana Island house and Patrick Diabuah(Patrick), a ghost who convinces God (Bimbo Manuel) to give him some time to find a soulmate and know what love feels like. Its an interesting one! So when next you have some free time on your hands, watch these movie. Thank us later!

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