Celebrity Couple

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Most celebrity marriages don’t last long. When people see pictures of celebrities about to get married, they already know the end which is; it cannot last.

Our celebrity couple; Taiwo and Wunmi Obe (TWO) who are exceptional and respected, remain a source of inspiration and role models to others including celebrities. Their relationship establishes that a union founded on the right principles last forever, no matter the challenges.

They have been together for decades without any scandal and proved that it is possible for a couple to practice same profession. It’s indeed mind blowing. They have recorded several albums as well as  influenced positively, a large audience with their music.

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Nigerian celebrity couple, Taiwo and Wunmi Obe popularly called TWO, celebrated 19 years in the business of marriage. They were happy and thankful to God as they celebrated 29 years of friendship and 19 years of marriage. TWO’s philosophies are ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ and ‘what you give is what you get’.

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