Celebrities Break-Up That Shocked Everyone

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The recherché weeding ceremonies of celebrities have always attracted the media resulting to their break-up and make-up turning into media circus. The widely views of marriage don’t last is yet to be proven otherwise given the setbacks it has suffered in recent times. Well, from day one some marriages were expected to hit the rocks with news of divorce coming with little or no surprise. While the news of some celebrities divorce left fans in aw, with mouth gap in palpable shock. Truly, nothing is hidden under the sun forever as revelations after break-up showed that sometimes, public success can mask private failure.

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Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry

This two love birds were all over social media as many wish for a relationship like theirs. Not until the Nollywood actress, fashionista, and magdivas clothes line owner, posted on her instagram page that read ‘’say no to domestic violence’’ which provoked a reply from her ex-husband Mr Gentry with an instagram posts too that also read ‘’say no to promiscuous women’’. Before we could take all these in, photographs of the actress’ wounded face swirled the internet as it as was later confirmed that the actress had been physically assaulted by her husband.  Although he denied it, stating that the trending pictures was from a movie ‘’Victim’’ which the actress produced. However, mercy said the only reason she stayed with him all this years was because of her children and because she thought he was going to change as he has always promised.

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Tonto Dikeh and Churchill Olakunle

It started as a rumour and gradually grew to become a cyber-fight between the couples. Tonto who made all believed honey runs in her marriage took her instagram page to share the unbelievable side of her marriage. She calm to have through physical assault and had also been infected with STDs several times by her spouse. Her husband, the chairman of the Big Church Foundation, and relation to former Nigerian president Olunsegun Obasanjo, Churchill however denied all claims saying it was all made-up to drag his good mane through the mud that even his foundation preaches against such. The actress and singer, Tonto Dikeh, through an interview produced pictures of her body been bruised. However, the couple has a son together who is over a year now.

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