Calabar Bridal Ornament You Should See

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The Calabar people are abut the tribe with the most colourful wedding and bridal looks, from the hair to the shoe’s on one’s fit the colors are ever present.

The Calabar people do not play when it comes to their weddings, first the brides goes to a “fattening room” where they are expected to learn the ways of being a wife; according to the Calabar people a wife must know how to care for herself, her appearance has to be perfect at all times, her skin has to be fresh… then she learns how to care for her home.

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After learning these things and adding a bit of weight (which is a good thing in this culture) you are ready to get married and this brings you to choosing the right looks for your wedding;

Rather than go on to describe the Calabar bridal ornaments and style, we believe its best to look at them yourself below:

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