Broadway Africa Inspiration: How to Be Happy Everyday

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How to be happy every day


Life can be funny. It serves you sweetness today and tomorrow you are wondering where the sour taste is coming from. Life can be a mixture of good and bad, and this can tell a lot on the state of our happiness every day. Life will always happen but how we deal with life is the ultimate measure of a man (woman inclusive).

When you’ve prepared so well for an examination, only to see your result and wonder, how? When you watch your sick and loving father die and you are wondering why God didn’t take some ‘not-so-loving’ men you know. When he takes your virginity and doesn’t want to marry you. I totally understand what it feels like to not want to be happy because of these circumstances and more.

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However, life will always happen, we must learn how to get the best out of life instead of allowing life bring out the worst in us. Regardless of whatever is happening around you daily, this is how to be happy everyday:

Don’t Worry

Most people are afraid of what the next one hour hold and they forget to fully live the hour. You need to stop worrying about the problem because it won’t turn the negative into positive neither will it turn the bad into the good. Live without worries.

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Live One Day at a Time

Life sometimes puts pressure on you about what the state of your life would be tomorrow and you get agitated. You start planning for tomorrow forgetting that today was the tomorrow you spoke about glowingly yesterday. To be happy, make the most of your today. Live today as though it’s your last and give it your best shot.

Eat, Drink and Merry

Food and drinks are actually very good for you. They are usually a source of happiness to many people. When you allow the pressures of life weigh you down and you die, the only thing you would have taken away would be the food you eat and the drink you consume. That’s the only thing you can give your body. So, eat, drink and merry.

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Life will serve you anything but it is your choice if you take it. Bad situations may occur but it’s your choice if it makes you sad. Understand that life will happen but your response to it matters.


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