Being Childish With My First Love Is My Biggest Mistake in Life – Nollywood Actress Omowunmi Dada

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For Nollywood actress Omowunmi Dada the biggest mistake she has ever made in life was not taking her first love seriously. Known for being a happy go girl, the ‘Omugwo’ star actress sat down with Broadway TV in an exclusive interview where she talked about her first love and more.

On what starring in Kunle Afolyan’s Omugwo got her

Omugwo has done a lot for me; I mean it has put me on that pedestal where more people especially the Kunle Afolayan fans, I mean he has a huge number of fans so now they can relate to my crafts, they are seeing me now. I get a lot of direct messages from filmmakers who haven’t really seen some of my works wanting to work with me and a lot of fans now want to relate with me. Yes, as an actor it has put me out there more and it has helped people to see that as much as I am this young lady and people who haven’t really seen my work now know that yeah I can really play a number of roles. I mean I don’t even look like Omotunde at all, now they are seeing the versatile part of me, that is what it has done and I am really happy.

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On how easy her industry is

In all finesse, nothing good comes easy anyway so it is not easy. There is a lot of work that has to be done but most of the works that has to be done are personal works. You at every point in time have to see yourself as a competition to yourself. You have to keep being the better version of you. Everyday new actors keep coming up. You have to behave, maybe not really relevant but you have to be true to yourself and the job sometimes won’t come every day but then when it comes, kill it. Then of course sometimes, people expect this and that of you maybe because they watch you in movies and they expect your personal life to be of this glitz and glamour and I tell people what you see on TV, you probably see me in one mansion, controlling 50 billion cars and all that but thing is I am an actor, that is me acting so you don’t expect that you will see what you see on TV in my personal life.

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On having a manager as an actress

A manager manages your career not your life so what is wrong if you have someone help you put your schedule together. While you are doing the artistic works the person deals with the administrative works. The idea of having a manager is not to scare anyone away it is not to say you are not interested in people’s work it is just so that you see this as a career and you should have a structure. If I am on set and you call me like 50 times if I have a manager who picks my call, who knows my values and the things I would love to do. Why not? Even in Hollywood most of the actors have manager and agent. It is not to scare anyone away. IT is just so we start accepting and taking the industry seriously. It is not joke. Acting for us is not a hobby. It is not what we do by the side. The earlier we start taking these things seriously the better. The earlier those corporate organizations will want to relate with us because they know that when they invest in this industry that is structured there are checks and balances and they can get their money back. You can’t work into a court of law and do anything. There are rules and etiquette. Even in the Banking Industry there are structures everywhere. So if we put a structure to our job, it is not bad. So an actor having a manager is not bad at all especially managers who have good shoulders on their heads. It actually paves more ways for you because a manager can go out to preach your gospel to people. Places that you can’t go to hustle for job or sell you.

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On her thoughts about people who don’t believe in managers

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I wouldn’t know why you wouldn’t want to let an actor progress in life. I understand that some managers misrepresent their clients, sometimes they are rude while the actor himself is very nice and this just makes the actor look bad but I think we have moved past that point where an actor should be doing the running around. Let the actor concentrate on the art and craft and let someone else do the business. This is why it is called showbiz, let the actor do the show and the management team do the business so that everything will work together hand in hand and we all smile to the bank.

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On how a lady can tell if a man is genuine or not

Sometimes you just know and sometimes as women truth is we lie to ourselves a lot. Sometimes you know this person is not right but because of one thing or the other or because it just feels right at that point in time or you do not want to be lonely we just flow with the tide. Sometimes the person drops hints that you know that this person doesn’t love you but because of one thing you say but somehow we know but then people can pretend, some men are very good at pretending and so you never can tell so we just have to pray to God. It is okay to make mistakes in life, that’s part of life. It is okay to learn.


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