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Become Slay Queens With Your Pregnancy, Inspired By Olaj Arel

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When one is pregnant, it might slow down a lot of things but not everything. Its important that while you might be stressed must of the time, you should make sure that you put things together in terms of your look. Your appearance is even more important than ever at this stage.

Everyone loves a pregnant woman with style, take for example Kim Kardashian, her most famous styles are from when she was pregnant, every one wanted a piece of that action. She proved that you can be stylish even when you are creating life, she single handed-ly made maternity style a big thing.

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Now, we would be showing you that while western fashion is great you can still rock maternity Ankara styles that are just as fabulous.

Our muse is Guinea Bissau Queen of slay, the hot mama Olaj Arel… The model and style influencer is currently pregnant and she has been serving us the hottest looks, check them out below and tell us what you think in the comment section above;

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