#BBNaijaUpdate: The Fear Of Consent Is The Beginning Of Wisdom For Thin Tall Tony

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Yesterday was a drama filled day in the BBNaija house, actually it has been filled with lots of drama since Sunday ranging from Disqualification, Eviction, insults, tears and more.

Thin Tall Tony emerged as the Head of House for the 2nd consecutive week. The ever energetic Tony was super stoked when their task brief came and they realized they had a wedding to plan. Efe and Marvis emerged as the couple who were about to walk down the aisle, TTT and Bisola the parents of the bride, Bally the groom’s father, TBoss was in charge of catering for the events, MC went to Bassey and Debbie Rise was the musician who had to leave her tour to come play for the couple.

Following the disqualification of Kemen on Sunday for his act against TBoss, Biggie felt the need to educate the housemates on the issue of CONSENT. The lecture had 2 facilitator talking to the housemates for several hours. While we think many of them heard and understood, one person who seems to have taken up what they said is Thin Tall Tony known has TTT or Tripple T.

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Tripple T as we all know have something rather steamy going on between him and Bisola. While many do not approve of this relationship due to the fact that Tripple is married with kids back home without Bisola knowing this, looks like Tripple is about to end things himself.

Last night after they won their wager it was obvious that Bisola was in the mood for her usual cuddle and smooching with TTT, however, TTT made it clear he wasn’t about that life anymore. While Bisola made several advances, TTT treated her like he would his younger sister and never made a move to touch her this prompted Bisola into meeting Bally whom she engaged in several kisses with.

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Bisola made her way to her room where she shares a bed with TTT, when Bisola who was acting drunk seemed to lean into TTT, TTT quickly pushed her away from him. It seems that the fear of Consent and disqualification has set TTT’s game back in motion and if Bisola continues, she might just keep getting NO and as we all know, NO means NO. The power of consent.

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