#BBNaijaUpdate: Strong Bonds, Fake Friendships Or Hatred? 

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The Big Brother Naija is gradually coming to an end. With just less that 3weeks to go the housemates have been downsized to just 6 from 14. 

Housemates like Soma, Miyonse,Coco Ice, Gifty, Uriel, Kemen, ThinTallTony, Bassey and the two fake housemates Ese and Jon all evicted, we are left with Bisola, Efe, Debie-Rise, Bally, TBoss and Marvis. 

However from the past couple of days, a clear division has been made obvious by certain housemates with 4 strong contenders going against 2. We are left to wonder if this is a true friendship or just a group of people whose hatred or let’s say dislike for one of the housemates have brought them closer more than ever to form a bond? Although this group has been in existence for a while however these people have solely made it their life’s mission to discredit just one housemates begging us to ask the question “Is this still a game” 

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The said group consist of Bisola who won the HOH yesterday and has now proceeded to the Finale, Efe a strong contender who is loved by many also in the Finals, Bally and Marvis who are up for evictions while th other two are TBoss and Debie who are equally up for evictions. 

Bisola, Efe, Bally and Marvis seems not to be too pleased with TBoss whom they practically talk about all day long not just that, they throw insults like witch, Ashewo and more her way as well. 

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Do we say they feel threatened of her or do they just feel disdain of some sorts towards her? Are their friendship strong or it’s just for the money? What are your thoughts on this issue? Kindly give a feedback below

This week, Marvis, Efe, TBoss and Debie-Rise were all nominated for possible evictions but as the HOH with a power of safe and replace, Bisola saved Efe and replaced with Bally. Who are you saving this week? 

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