#BAExclusive: I Am Not Interested In The Drama – Ubi Franklin Reacts To Chinneylove’s Accusations

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Instagram was caught off guard late last night when one of the hottest filmmaker currently, Chinneylove,  took on Tripple MG’s boss Ubi Franklin calling him out for trying to take credit for her work. The producer of ‘Hire A Man’ one of the blockbuster movies currently making waves in the cinemas shared that she decided to take this route because Ubi had blocked her on whatsapp.

She wrote:  “This is for BLOCKING me on Whatsapp @ubifranklintriplemg You’ve definitely messed with the wrong girl Ubi! When it comes to my work and Labour by now you should know I’m SHAMELESS…. I wrote this in capital letter so you know how bad it is. How dare you even try to wanna take my sweat from me. Talent-less people like you, don’t know what it is to be creative, that is why your dumb skull think you can mess with me”

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Chinneylove went on to warn Ubi Franklin and advising him not to mess with her. She wrote;” I repeat, BRUISED is my script, copyrighted and owned by me. I only agreed to let you execute produce it, cos I was supposed to be a part of it! You think you are smart, you might have been in the entertainment industry before me, but I would show you that I have been in Nollywood b4 you. Mr ALAN POSER Otinkpu one of Nigeria, unlike you that is a poser. I am real and true to myself, my work and creativity is what I live and eat by, so I would protect it with all I have. Am not your regular random silly girl you deceive, every penny I own I have worked so hard for, so I would fight to make sure that losers like you, don’t eat from where you did not sow! I DARE YOU UBI FRANKLiN. Once again Ubi, I am very shameless when it comes to my work”

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To bring you a better scoop of what actually happened, Broadway AfricaTV reached out to Miss Chinneylove however, she wasn’t forthcoming. All she had to say was that she had already said all she wanted to in the post and had nothing to add to it.

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“You already have the post, I don’t know what you want me to say. The post is what it is. I don’t have any other thing to add to it” Chinney said.

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After hearing her said, we deemed it fit that it was only fair to hear the other party’s side so in the same light, we reached out to Ubi Franklin to hear his side of the story however, the Triple MG Boss stated that he wasn’t interested in talking and asked us to talk to her instead.

“I don’t understand, why don’t you call her? I am not interested in talking, I am not important.” He replied curtly.

As the drama unfolds, we will continue to stay on top of it and bring you more news.

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