AY Talks about His New Movie ‘10 Days in Sun City’ and ‘Wedding Party’ breaking his record with ’30 Days in Atlanta’

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Popular comedian and actor, AY Makun in an exclusive interview with Broadway TV spoke on his new movie ’10 Days in Sun City’, revealing how he feels it should be the biggest and the best of all three films (’30 Days in Atlanta’, ‘A Trip to Jamaica’ and ’10 Days in Sun City). He said:

“Well, we don’t brag about the hit, we can only pray and wish for the best but if you ask me, out of the hard work, out of the input, out of everything that has gone into it, it should be the biggest and the best of all three films that I’ve done”.

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Did you feel bad about ‘Wedding Party’ surpassing your movie ’30 Days in Atlanta’?

“It’s only a foolish human being that will think that way, it’s something that anybody is supposed to be happy about, happy in the sense that it’s something that confirms that Nollywood is moving forward and what that means is that people are beginning to warm up to our business, people are beginning to understand the effort that we put in, if “Wedding Party” surpasses “30 Days in Atlanta”, what it means is that we are moving forward, you can also come up with something that will surpass until we hit that 1 million dollar mark right here at the home front, then we haven’t done anything.”

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