Am A Straight Person, Am Not Gay -HUMBLESMITH

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Homosexualism is one of the main issues at hand. Some countries have legalized it, other countries such as Nigeria, failed to legalise it because it’s not part of their culture. Awarding winning artiste; Ekenedilichukwu Ijemba with the stage name Humblesmith, talked about his sex life and his music career.


In an exclusive chat with BroadwayTV, Humblesmith talks about his sex life. In his words;


” I can’t countmany of times that I have been asked out by people of the same sex. Maybe am handsome, I don’t know. Personally for me am a straight person, am not gay. I can’t i magine myself saying yes to them but I had to turn them down respectfully because I don’t disrespect people”.


He further stated: “Throughout all my stay in Abakaliki, I was a virgin. That was the standard I set for myself. It was not like girls weren’t coming; they were, because back then in school I was very popular and sociable but I just had to avoid it. I left Abakaliki in 2008/2009. Am a guy and am not saying when I was in Abakaliki I was not corrupt. Corrupt means you know the bad and good, but I just told myself that I will maintain that standard and not disrespect my parents. That is my lifestyle”.

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Talking on what made him leave school and thanking God for his success, he said: “Each and every day I wake up, I always thank God. It’s all about hard work and being focused and all that. It was not easy for me but I thank God. No matter what you do just believe in yourself. I told my mum that I wanted to leave school since there was no money for me to go to school. I have always believed that my time will come and I thank God for today”.

Humblesmith; who not only had music in mind then, had another plan which he called ‘plan B’. According to him, “I had plan B. My plan B was to join the movie industry tho, I have acted so many movies and I had to redraw from movie to be a P.A to many marketer and producers. But music has been my number one thing”.

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About dumping his record label, he said; “Dumping my record label is not in my diary and I don’t see reasons why an artiste and its record label should fight, because it’s business. They signed you, made you popular and the next thing you are fighting. I believe it’s a contract and when it expires two things are involved: it’s either you continue or you wake away. So I don’t see reasons why they should be fighting. This thing is all about wisdom and artiste should understand that without you record label there will be no you”.

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Speaking on marriage, he had this to say; “Getting married at this age, it’s like killing my career and slowing me down because am on a speed o. Am just getting started and fans should watch out for Humblesmith. It’s my mentality because being married is like having another career. It takes a lot of time and money. And am just getting started”.


Humblesmith who has released top hit music ‘Osinachi’,’Focus’, ‘Happy day’ among others stated; “My future is very bright than light. That is why I am a very happy person. I have to keep working to meet up my target. I told my fans that I want to break Michael Jackson’s record. It sounds crazy but it’s all about believing. When he was growing, people usually see him as god. Am not saying people should see me as god; but you see that standard, I want to break it.”




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