9 Hilarious Facts About Nigeria That Can almost Never Go Away

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Nigerians always have a way of adopting something and make it stay for a long time, sometimes forever. Because most times we are so lazy to actually differentiate something from each other, we would prefer to have it our way and just call it whatever. This is the case of the following facts that Nigerians have adopted for  a long time and still do.


1. Every Noodle is Indomie

Image result for indomie

2. Every toothpaste is Maclean

Image result for Maclean toothpaste

3. Every diaper is Pampers

Image result for pampers

4. Every margarine is blue Band

Image result for blueband

5. Every seasoning cube is Maggie

Image result for maggi seasoning

6. Every evaporated milk is Peak

Image result for peak milk

7. Every Volkswagen is Golf

Image result for Volkswagen

8. Every Detergent is OMO

Image result for omo detergent

9. Every Skin jelly is Vaseline

Image result for Vaseline

10. Every Insecticide is Flit

Image result for flit


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